Are Ping Pong Balls Recyclable?

Yes, ping pong balls are recyclable. There are also some organizations that may take used ping pong balls to use for special events, however, these organizations are very scarce.

PingPong Balls Recycled Into

However, it’s referred to as a “misconception” that they can be recycled in the same manner as a paper grocery bag or plastic bottle. A company called Green Dot has made an effort to recycle them under their own program. TheirPing Pong Balls Recyclable website states that they have recycled over 100 million ping pong balls. This is because the plastic material that they are made of is not recyclable, per se, but Green Dot has found a way to recycle them by turning them into sleeping mats for the homeless.

This is a pretty good idea, however, you will be better off just buying new balls. Unless of course your local recycling center has a program specifically for recycling ping pong balls.

There are a few options you have if you no longer want the ball. The first being – keep it! Used ping-pong balls can make a great item to add to a trophy or other novelty collection. Look for local organizations that might reuse them in some way, such as schools hosting table tennis clubs or people looking to host tournaments. If these options do not work for you, call around to see if a local company recycles balls. It would be best to call ahead as some may or may not recycle them at all. Some recycling centers will recycle ping pong balls as long as they are in good condition and clean. If the center does accept used ping pong balls it is likely they would charge a recycling fee.

Ping Pong Ball Not Recycled Due To Safety Purposes

If neither of these options is good for you, I’m afraid the only other option is to throw them away. A lot of places will not recycle used ping pong balls due to safety concerns. Some are just dirty with germs or fungus that cannot be removed completely by washing or sanitizing, making them potentially hazardous to recycle.

If you do insist on recycling them yourself, the main thing that will need to be done is cutting off the plastic part of the ball. You can either cut it in half or simply cut it up enough so that it is flat. Once this has been done, you can use them to decorate just about anything for a fun look!

No, they are not recyclable by traditional means. However, there are programs that take used ping pong balls and find new uses for them.

If you are recycling the balls as part of a school project or for some other reason that requires clean, white ping pong balls it is best to use new ones. Recycled or used ones tend to be discolored and don’t look very pretty at all.

Ping pong balls can not be recycled due to germ infestations or high levels of dirt. Many recycling centers are not equipped to handle this type of recyclable, so it’s best to discard them in the trash

Well, if you don’t want them you can put them out on the sidewalk with your normal garbage for curbside collection. They may not pick up broken balls if they can’t separate them from the other items collected.

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