Is Bruce Lee Playing Table Tennis with Nunchuks Real or Fake?

Is Bruce Lee Playing Table Tennis with Nunchuks Real or Fake?

Bruce Lee was an incredible actor and martial artist. He motivated all ages to prepare and become proficient fighters, although he never was one. Be that as it may, the legend of Bruce Lee was somewhat more than his real history. For instance, have you at any point seen a video of him playing Table tennis with a Nunchuk? Did you likewise feel that the video was genuine?

We could speak for quite a long time about different legends encompassing Lee’s character and range of abilities. For instance, individuals accept that he was an extraordinary fighter. What’s more, he was a decent martial artist and an actor. Be that as it may, he was not a fighter.

He has always lost a genuine battle since he has never partaken in one. There are a few stories, but none of them can be dependably confirmed. A few people hypothesize that he would do extraordinary in UFC on the off chance that he was in his prime today.

Some even venture to state that he could beat Conor McGregor himself. In any case, they would’ve never met within an octagon basically because Lee was excessively little. Bruce Lee weighed around 60 kilograms. For examination, dehydrated McGregor tips the scales at 70.3 kg in the wake of cutting a great deal of weight.

Fact Check

However, Lee never professed to be a fighter – it was his fans that made this bogus mark. He was only a martial artist and an actor. Also, he was extraordinary with nunchucks as well – he was unable to play table tennis with them.

With the degree of martial artistry, he has reached, one could without much of a stretch say that he could undoubtedly accomplish this trick with his nunchucks. In his time, he had increased a progression of grants and acknowledgement in the motion pictures industry and as a double and martial artist.

Thus, with these, one might say this would be easy for him. In any case, the reality remains that the real video in question to was no were close or near genuine as many impacts were said to need to include for diversion purposes and it was made as a commercial video for Nokia.

There is a video cut demonstrating Bruce Lee playing table tennis with nunchucks (likewise called “nunchucks” or “nunchaku” – two sticks held along with a chain or rope and utilized as a weapon). Lee Jun-Fan, who was known professionally as Bruce Lee was an actor and combative techniques master who moved to the US from Hong Kong and who turned into a social symbol all through the world in the wake of featuring in a progression of motion pictures (principally during the 1970s).

In the clasp, Bruce Lee’s master utilization of the nunchucks are played against one table tennis master player, and afterwards a second. He hits the ball over and again with the nunchucks, winning each point. It is recorded to look old and somewhat grainy. It is wonderfully done-and engaging – and not genuine. Every year this video clip makes the rounds on Facebook and a whole new group of people see it for the first time.

A few focus points:

  • A significant part of the American open has seen a little enough example of genuine table tennis activity that they can’t differentiate between a real match and a carefully modified clasp,
  • That equivalent American open discover table tennis engaging enough as a game to watch video clasps, and
  • Table tennis is gradually making it into advertisements and network programs and proceeding to expand intangibility.

A few realities about the video:

  • The promotion was made in 2008 by Nokia for a restricted version of Bruce Lee’s mobile phone.
  • The web address that shows up toward the finish of the video has a .cn augmentation, which demonstrates it was focusing on a Chinese market.
  • The ball in the video is carefully edited. It isn’t normal for the ball in the table tennis scenes in Forest Gump or Balls of Fury.
  • Another fascinating side note is that the title for Balls of Fury (just as a great part of the plot) was a gesture to the exemplary Bruce Lee film named Fists of Fury (1972)


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