Ping Pong vs Table Tennis 2023 | What is the Difference?

Here you can get info about Ping Pong vs Table Tennis. In fact, most people don’t even know that they’re different sports. This is understandable considering that the equipment for both games looks exactly the same! It’s only when you play one of these games against someone with extensive experience in the sport that you realize how different they really are. In this article, we will help you discern which is which by going over their differences and discussing what separates them as distinct sports.

Traditionally, penhold players have used only one side of their racket to hit the ball during normal play and they are able to do so because it doesn’t come into contact with any fingers other than those three.

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Ping Pong vs Table Tennis – Similarities

First of all, what are the similarities between ping pong and table tennis? First of all, the equipment is basically the same. The rackets used for both sports look exactly alike. In fact, they can even be used interchangeably in either sport! If you didn’t know any better, it would seem like a player in a ping pong match was really playing a game of table tennis- not true though since there’s one major difference between the two that makes them completely different from one another.

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Product 1
Ping Pong
Product 2
Table Tennis
Ping Pong
Table Tennis
Same paddles
Can be different
Wood, Aluminum
Match Points
Match Points
11 /21
Olamic sport
Olamic sport

Ping Pong Game

Ping pong and table tennis are different games, with ping-pong being described as a game played on a tabletop with paddles and balls. It is known to be the first ball sport invented that is played at sea level in the 1800s. Ping pong was created by colonel Richard bailey of Britain where it has since spread across the globe from one country to another. ping pong is considered to have originated in China during the second-century ad making it older than table tennis which started in 1901 in England.

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Ping pong sees your players battling it out with their opponents over five sets of eleven points apiece while table tennis allows matches to last for six full sets, noting that although both games have specific sets of rules to use, ping pong is considered by many as a more relaxed and informal game than table tennis. Ping pong has players in the highest level playing with paddles that are up to 12 inches long while table tennis has paddles that can be up to nine inches from top to bottom.

Ping-pong is played on a table that is not enclosed on all sides while table tennis is played within an enclosed space like a 1.8 meters high net or just its walls if not at an institution such as school or university for competitive play. ping pong balls tend to be heavier at 2-3 ounces compared to a table tennis ball that weighs around 1 ounce only yet both games allow you the player to bounce the ball.

 ping pong table tennis game

Table Tennis

Table tennis is a table sport played by two or four players. The table tennis rules and regulations are governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The table itself is rectangular, with a play area of 2m X 1.5m, and is 1.27m high. The table or playing surface should be made of a non-reflective and non-slippery material, typically wood or a synthetic table tennis tabletop. It is usually covered by a thin, smooth, table tennis table cover that prevents damage to the table itself.

Balls used in table tennis are often made of celluloid plastic (with pimples), but can be made from any other suitable material. ITTF-approved table tennis balls are 2 cm in diameter, 40mm in width, and weigh between 2.7g and 2.9g. Balls of lower or higher weight are generally not approved for use.

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The table tennis table official dimensions specification was published by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in 1957 based on a proposal by Károly Hellmuth, the table tennis table official rules were updated and published in April 1996.

The table tennis table has a playing surface of smooth rubber-based resin, generally dark green in color. The table tennis table or board is rectangular, its sides are made from plywood and the underside is covered with a thin layer of artificial turf table tennis table (which is typically dark green, black or blue in color) to help players keep track of table tennis balls that bounce off the playing surface. The table tennis table should be at least 1.65 m high (5 ft 5 in).

The table itself is usually surrounded by a net.

Are Table Tennis and Ping pong Tables the same size?

The size of ping pong tables is five feet by ten feet (152.4 cm x 304.8 cm) but the size of table tennis tables is nine feet by five feet (274.32 cm x 152.4 cm).

Ping Pong vs Table Tennis – Differences: Another major difference that sets these two sports apart from one another is the fact that ping pong utilizes a ball that’s made with celluloid or other similar compounds, while table tennis uses an all-white ball made out of felting over the rubber. The sport is known as “ping pong” is based on British origins and was actually referred to as “whiff whaff” during certain periods in history! It wasn’t until the 1880s that the modern name of “ping pong” was first used.

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What is ping pong in Table Tennis? –

Table tennis is known as ping pong in the United States.

The following serves are allowed in table tennis: Free serve, pushing, pushing-off, lifting (also block), and short flips. There are only a few main rules that set table tennis apart from other racket sports like badminton or tennis include no lets on service and no foot faults.

So what’s the difference between Ping Pong and Table Tennis? – The main difference is, of course, the table. In ping pong, there isn’t a table but a top to a table that you can set up on any flat surface! Because of this, it was formerly called whiff-whaff which means table tennis. Table Tennis is the game that you see played on TV at the Olympics. It’s an Olympic sport. Ping Pong is a more casual version of the game, usually played at home or in bars by people who are drinking and don’t want to put too much effort into playing (myself included). Both games were invented by the same person, James Gibb.

 what is ping pong in table tennis

Final Words:

Ping Pong and Table Tennis are the same game, but it is more casual than table tennis. Both games were invented by James Gibb.

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