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In a table tennis game, every player has to maintain one specific style which could compete with his opponent. If you are a beginner, you are more likely to adopt several principles of the game and learn how to modify style and position to emulate your competitor’s shots. Besides, you would be able to develop your playing style, service preference, and types to earn more points. 

Whether you adopt the best serving style and great playing position, you won’t be able to enhance your game if you are playing with the ping pong paddle that doesn’t suit your style. On the other hand, the best ping pong paddle for beginners impacts substantially on your performance and helps your play with perfection.

A professional ping pong paddle adds more strength to your service, enhances your playing style, and brings an optimistic control to your overall execution. For instance, if you see the professional table tennis player Simon Gauzy, he switched from Aero Soft Carbon to Gatien Absolum OFF+ in 2016. This paddle contains Target Ultim 50 softer rubber that helped him develop his game and made him appear captivating because of this paddle.

However, while standing on the initial levels, you may wonder what is the best ping pong paddle for you? That’s why I have brought the seven best ping pong paddles for beginners to assist you with your purchasing.


Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners 2023

Franklin Sports
Franklin Sports Full Set
Franklin Sports Full Set
  • Material: Plastic
  • Sport Type: Tennis
  • Weight: 1.44 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Components: Paddles, Net
  • Size: 6FT Long
  • Recommended Age: ‎4 Adult
Palio Expert 3.0
Palio Expert 3.0
  • Material: Wood
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 0.57 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎‎21 x 17.78 x 2.79
  • Speed Rating: 60/100
  • Spin: 90/100
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Control Rating: 10/10
Killerspin JET SET 4 Paddle Set
Killerspin JET SET 4 Paddle Set
  • Material: Rubbers and Wood
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 0.68 Kilograms
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.9 x 3.2
  • Blade: 5 Layer Wood
  • Spin: 55/100
  • Grip Size: ‎4 inches
Ideas Ping Pong Racquet
Ideas Ping Pong Racquet
  • Material: Rubber
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎11.4 x 7.5 x 1.5
  • Speed Rating: 99
  • Spin: 93/100
  • Grip: ‎Rubber
  • Control Rating: 90
Stiga Evolution Performance Level
Stiga Evolution Performance Level
  • Material: Wood, Rubber
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.3 x 2.8
  • Blade: 6-Ply Light
  • Spin: 94/100
  • Speed: 96
Sport Game Pro
Sport Game Pro Ping Pong
Sport Game Pro Ping Pong
  • Material: Wood, Rubber
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 453 Gram
  • Dimensions: 17 x15 x 10.25
  • Blade: WoodEN
  • Spin: 91/100
  • Skill Level: Beginner
DHS Hurricane-II
DHS Hurricane-II
  • Material: Wood
  • Sport Type: Table Tennis
  • Weight: 218 Gram
  • Dimensions: ‎‎12 x 7.3 x 2.8
  • Speed Rating: 8.5/10
  • Spin: 93/100
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Control Rating: 8/10
  • Tackiness: 8.6 Tacky

Before purchasing any item, it is crucial to understand your ping pong style so that you could pick the most precise types of ping pong paddles for you. However, each product in the list has been selected based on overall execution and exceptional construction to help you improve your table tennis game. So, let’s jump on our first product.

  1. Killerspin JET SET 4 Ping Pong Racket Set – Best for starter

Killerspin JET SET 4

Killerspin itself is one of the most popular rackets, which is considered the best affordable ping pong paddle. However, the product comprises a set of ping pong paddles and table tennis balls. In this set, you would get three pairs of ping pong balls; each pair contains one orange and one white ball. Along with that, you would get four Killerspin jet 200 paddles.

When you buy Killerspin jet set 4, you would feel these paddles are similar to other Killerspin paddles.

However, one unreliability you may encounter in this model is that the paddle’s sponge does not contain the same thickness as of jet 200 model.

Besides, each paddle of this set is made with a plywood blade integrated with the sponge layer of 1.5 mm. Moreover, its handle is structured to prevent slipperiness while holding. Although its grip is straight, it has a wide top, which may become uncomfortable while holding.

Killerspin JET SET 4 Ping Pong Racket Set Review

Now, talking about the balls included in the set are standard balls made super sturdily and can control complex techniques excellently. With this pack, you would get six ping pong balls in two variant colors.

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This pack of four is a cost-efficient set that can be purchased at the price of one paddle set, yet you would get six ping pong balls and four rackets. Each paddle and ball is made with premium materials that make the set far better than other cheap models. Though it is not suitable for many professionals, as a beginner, you should definitely consider the Killerspin jet set 4.

1-Franklin Sports Full Set
  • Super affordable
  • Great control for beginners
  • Contains six ping pong balls and four paddles
  • A protective cover comes along with
  • Made with 100% organic material
  • Not ITTF approved
  • Uncomfortable grip
  1. Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Racket Paddle 

Sport Game Pro

Here comes another best ping pong paddle for beginners that are made with perfection to develop your game. This entry-level model is also perfect for those who do not play table tennis professionally yet recreationally because it can improve most of your skills at an affordable price.

With the sports game pro ping pong paddle, you would be able to get control over the spin and speed of the ball. As it delivers more powerful execution, you should not look beyond this model.

Although, it is non-approved by ITTF because it is only suitable for tournament plays and private level players. This model cannot be used in professional tournaments because its color may come off.  

This paddle should be ideal for you as a beginner. You can learn various modes and styles in the game. Nevertheless, you may find its two sides pretty different, which may confuse you about handling the paddle. Yet, if you hold the penhold playing style, this model may suit you.

Best Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Racket Paddle Buying guide

Talking about the construction and structure of this pro ping pong paddle. It is engineered with a dovetail handle and a five-ply pure wood blade, making the overall paddles extremely comfortable to hold and helps you with considerable control. In order to provide you spin and speed, a 2mm rubber is inbuilt on the top of the 2mm sponges that absorb all the forces coming from the opposite side and deliver fast service.

In addition to this, if you are looking for a ping pong paddle for you as a beginner or any other player at an initial stage, this ping pong paddle is ideal for learning speed, spin, and control of hard hits. 

You would discover its finishing in a pretty satisfactory way. But, the colored rubberized grip may become sticky with time, but this model is relatively smooth and works best for complex performance by the opponent. This paddle is a gift for you for hard hits.

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  • Comfortable handle to hold
  • Delivers quick serving
  • Comes in three vibrant shades
  • Comprises two different sides
  • Non-IFFT approved
  • Not best for professional tournaments
  1. Stiga Evolution Performance Level Table Tennis Racket – Lightweight


Stiga evolution ping pong paddle is another fantastic product designed for table tennis players at the initial level. This model helps them enhance their overall performance along with their ball accuracy and stroke style.

This model is ranked amongst the top seven best ping pong paddles for beginners that incredibly provide great control. Although this table tennis racket is excellent in overall execution, you may find it slightly less speedy. This is because it lacks power while serving the ball.

Moving towards its manufacturing_ this ping pong paddle is made with first-class 6-piles of lightwood.

Its blade comprises 2 mm of super soft sponge on its top that contains millions of tiny bubbles that help in binding the layers of the blade. 

Buy Stiga Evolution
best ping pong racket for beginners 2023

Besides, the blade is then coated with a layer of excellent rubber that allows outstanding speed and elegant spin with exceptional control. This paddle is constructed stunningly that features professional-level ultra-light rubber that would make this racket as lightweight as a feather. 

This model holds a technology in its handle that is known as Shock Dispersion Tube. This system is integrated into the handle to scoop it out. It impacts enormously in absorbing the vibrations and eliminates the shockwaves while hitting the ball, which comes out with the improvement of the game as a beginner.

  1. Franklin Sports Table Tennis Ping-Pong Set – Best Portable Racquet


The Franklin Sports table tennis portable ping pong set is designed in a way that concentrates less on assemblage and more on execution. Doesn’t it sound great to you? The idea to follow this concept was to prevent you from wasting your time assembling the paddles and giving more time to your play.

It is a portable set that comprises a tabletop of 29.5 inches.

This table is 9 mm thick with an HDF system that can tolerate heavy and rigid material on it, such as legs and frames. It is built with a top-quality surface that delivers an ideal bounce to a specific height.

In addition to this, it has an enduring stability steel bar support on each edge of the table. Moreover, there are one-inch leg levers to make sure that the table is locked and stable. These leg levers can be adjusted by their height in order to heighten the table or if the surface is rough.

Best Rated Franklin Sports Table Tennis - Best for beginners

The profit of this entire table tennis set is that it is ideal for all ages of players. The company has constructed this set to ensure that each piece is made with high-quality materials. The best thing about this model is that you do not need to look for a table to play the game; just open your bag and create your own setup, no matter where you are.

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  • A complete table tennis set
  • Comes with adjustable leg levers
  • Simple unit and versatile model
  • A mesh bag carry is included
  • Included two paddles only
  1. Idoraz Ping Pong Racquet – Best Professional Bat


The Ideas ping pong paddle is an all-feature racket that makes it an excellent model and comprises some most conspicuous features. It helps augment your game with its first-class thick rubber that has been approved by ITTF.

Control is the most significant feature of any paddle. An idoraz table tennis racket is considered one of the best ping pong paddles for beginners who are looking for perfect control and quick shots.

The most important feature of any paddle is its control, and the Idoraz table tennis paddles have that perfect control.

You can easily control the fast shots with this racket. This paddle is made explicitly for those who are new to this play. Its 2 mm thick blade aids you with excellent controllability and delivers precise shots.

Top rated Ideas Ping Pong Racquet Review

If I call the idoraz racket a spin-leading paddle, then it won’t be wrong to say. Since its spin rate is 93, that can be enjoyed for longer hours. If you play aggressive shots and want to offend your opponent, go for this professional ping pong racket. Its spin, speed, and structure support offensive games.

5-Stiga Evolution Performance Level

Though this paddle is pretty expensive to purchase, it is the best value model. If you seek a pair of paddles for two players, you would be able to get the same model in a pack of two.

  • Affordable ping pong paddle
  • Tremendously lightweight
  • High-quality construction
  • Comes in pair also
  • Short handle
  1. Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Bat Paddle – Best for intermediate

Palio Expert 3.0

Palio Expert 3.2 model is better than its previous 2.0 model since its blade is redesigned with pure wood material that brings more strength and a different feel. Besides, there are tacky rubbers coated on the grip that maintains the clasp and helps generate high speed with spin. 

For players who use it seems challenging to play several strokes; Palio expert 3.0 assists them a lot. I have observed that many beginners find it hard to understand these strokes, yet you can easily play strokes using this paddle if you are one of them.

The soft rubberized grip develops the executing time with more control. Further, it gives a superb balance between the power and speed that aids both initial and advanced-level players. Hence, no matter which level player you are, this table tennis bat is an all-rounder.

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Bat Paddle Buying guide

Its fantastically designed blades and handle help you hit the ball with great speed, but you would be able to control its speed. However, as an initial level player, you should keep the speed slow. The reason is to help you learn more about the controllability of the ball and hit back with the same accuracy.

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Once you buy this product, you would get a storage cover along with it. This model is ITTF approved and is made with 100% natural materials custom-made.

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  • Wide-edged paddle
  • Made with all-natural materials
  • Perfect racket for spinning
  • ITTF approved
  • It comes along with a storage bag
  • Sticky rubber needs frequent cleaning
  1. DHS Hurricane-II Tournament  – Best for Intermediate Players 

DHS Hurricane-II

The DHS Hurricane-II ping pong paddle is a solid table tennis racket that works ideally for beginners. It is typically best for those who are looking to participate in competitions as it contains several features that make the overall paddle substantially comfortable.

When you purchase this model, you will get plentiful benefits. First of all, its construction; is manufactured with premium quality wood and Chinese rubber.

This mixture helps the paddle bear the hard balls and serve them in a faster manner.

You would also find some pieces of the paddle made with plastic that is coated over the rubber. This is because it prevents the rubber from sticking and endures its life. Moreover, with the help of this plastic coating, you would be able to play as many as 75 hard-core tournaments.

Nonetheless, it is advisable to remove this plastic before starting playing and put it back once you are done. Not only this, but you would also discover, its design is oversized, which assists you effortlessly find the sweet spot on your tennis table.

DHS Hurricane-II Tournament review

This sweet spot is the perfect site for serving the ball and returning the hit to the opponent. Its prominent structure would be helpful for offending your competitor. If you plan to acquire the right equipment for a table tennis game, just get a pair of DHS Hurricane-II ping pong paddles.

7-DHS Hurricane-II
  • Best for competitions
  • Delivers violent service
  • It can be used by both beginners and pros
  • Built with multiple materials
  • Pretty expensive to buy


So these were the seven best ping pong paddles for beginners, which aid every beginner learn and enhance their game. Now that you have got through every product’s reviews in-depth, you can effortlessly pick the best ping pong racket for you. Notwithstanding, you should consider various factors before making a purchase.

Still, if you could not decide how to choose a ping pong paddle, below are the recommended models that may meet your requirements.

An overall best product is DHS Hurricane-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle, which offers some amazing features. This paddle is quite pricey, but it is a worthy product that helps you play competitive matches and stand out.

However, if your demand is getting the best ping pong paddle for beginners at a reasonable price, then you should pick Killerspin JET SET 4 Ping Pong Paddle Set. You would get a set of high-quality paddles extremely affordable.

Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I clean my ping pong Racquets?

If you use your ping pong paddle regularly, you should clean its blade, grip, and rubber at least one to two times a month. However, if you play table tennis on and off, you can clean it once every three months.

What should be considered while buying the best table tennis paddle for beginners?

While choosing the best ping pong paddle for you, you must consider its handle that suits your grip and playing style. If your style is pen-hold, then pick a short handle. While, with the shake-hand grip style, select a more extended handle.

Does the red and black side of the ping pong Bat make any difference?

In most cases, the red side enables ping pong balls to go faster. However, the black side is typically used to spin the ball. 

What is the difference between orange and white ping pong balls?

Generally, there is no specific difference between the two colors. The orange ball is more visible than white. That’s why most beginners use orange balls for practice.

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