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Ping pong takeaway menu is the latest craze to take over Sydney. These portable, delicious meals are a great way to enjoy a night out with friends and family without having to worry about how you’ll get home afterward. You can order from one of these trendy restaurants or make your own at home – either way it’s going to be fun!

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What is Ping Pong Takeaway Menu?

Ping pong takeaway menu is a type of Asian food that is typically eaten as a snack. Some people eat it for dinner or lunch too! The meals are usually dim sum style, meaning they’re small and often served in mini steamer baskets. Ping pong takes the traditional dim sum idea and makes it portable. You can order your food to go in one of their cute, environmentally friendly take-out boxes and then play table tennis with it.

What Can You Order?

The menu items are pretty much whatever you want them to be because they’re made fresh when you order, but there are a few staples that people seem to love. Some of the most popular options include steamed barbecue pork buns, steamed chicken and corn dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, spicy fried tofu cubes, and crispy shrimp rice noodle rolls. And since the menu is made fresh in front of you in their open kitchen concept space it’s easy to ask for modifications if there’s something else you’d like to eat that isn’t already a regular menu option. Follow The Link to

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spicy fried tofu cubes

How does it work?

Ping Pong Takeaway is essentially like that old game of telephone except instead of whispering a phrase from one person to the other, you’re placing your order with the chef. First, you select a base dish. That can be anything from rice or noodles, to chow mein or fried rice. Then you pick your protein and then your sauce or seasoning. Don’t worry, the friendly staff is right there to guide you through the process with descriptions of each dish, what they’re made up of, and even pictures if you need some help making your decision.

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One thing I would personally recommend avoiding is the extra rice. It’s only about 30 cents more expensive than a regular bowl, but you’ll be getting at least twice as much rice.

Why should you use the Ping Pong Takeaway menu?

Ping Pong Takeaway menu is useful if you are looking for a takeaway restaurant. Their dishes are conveniently listed on their website, complete with many descriptions, prices, and pictures of the food. It also provides you with information about dietary requirements, such as gluten-free and vegetarian options.

dietary food

Ping Pong Takeaway Menu is useful if you are looking for a takeaway.

One thing I would personally recommend avoiding is the extra rice. It’s only about 30 cents more expensive than a regular bowl, but you’ll be getting at least twice as much rice. If you were going to recommend to the reader that they not order extra rice, how would you phrase it?

Who can use it?

Ping Pong Takeaway Menu is useful if you are looking for a takeaway near you or are planning to order food online. I would personally recommend avoiding their ‘extra rice’. It’s only 30 cents more expensive than the regular bowl but you’ll be getting twice as much rice. One thing I would personally recommend avoiding is their ‘extra rice’. It’s only 30 cents more expensive than a regular bowl, but you’ll be getting at least twice as much rice.

Examples of dishes to try out on the app:

Any of their three steamed bars are delicious so feel free to get one of those. Their pork belly is also something I would recommend trying out if you’re a fan of meat in general. Personally, I always go straight for the pork spare ribs in chili sauce since they’re definitely my favorite dish—the spicy kick goes really well with the savory and tender pork. If you want to try something different, I would recommend their fried chicken or shrimp dumplings!

Chinese Food

The glorious scent of fried rice, the satisfying sound of clingy chopsticks, and the beautiful presentation of a ready-made meal… it’s no wonder Chinese takeaway options are so popular. Whether you opt for crispy duck or spicy chicken – there is an option to please everyone. One thing that is certain, however, is that all Chinese takeaway menus are almost identical. This is because they all follow a set of traditional dishes, created by the first immigrants.

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The founders of this cuisine came from China to Britain in the 1950s – 60s after traveling throughout Europe and making their way across the Atlantic. They were ex-pats looking for work during the post-war economic boom and opened restaurants to make ends meet.

They brought with them the dishes they knew best – Cantonese cuisine – which was exclusive to southern China at that time. Chinese restaurants popped up across the country, but most were situated in the West End of London. Around since the 1930s, Chinatown is now an established tourist destination, with plenty of places to eat, but some dishes have been adopted by the locals.

I’ve taken some of the most popular dishes from this time and created a new menu that reflects some of what is served today – while also giving a nod to my roots.

Ping Pong Lunch

The old tradition meets a modern twist as I’ve added a few dishes from northern China to the mix. Some of these dishes have even been adapted by the locals, but if you know what you’re ordering, they can be enjoyed as they should be eaten.

The idea is that the menu will change every couple of months, incorporating other popular dishes that are trending.

So if you’re in the area, why not stop by and see what we’ve got on the menu


The ping pong takeaway menu is a unique way to order food. If you are looking for some new ideas on how to get your customers ordering, this may be the right option for you! Ping pong menus can offer many benefits such as increased customer engagement and creativity in marketing communications. They come in all shapes and sizes so there’s sure to be one that fits with your brand or restaurant concept. Why not take advantage of the trend today? To learn more about what we have available, contact us at.

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