Orange Vs White Ping Pong Balls/Which one is best?

Comparison between orange & white balls

Orange Vs White Ping Pong Balls? Ping pong balls are a pretty simple thing. They’re round, they bounce, and most importantly of all, they’re white. Well, not always… sometimes the color is orange. But why? Is it just for fun or does it have some other purpose? Let’s find out! Orange Vs White Ping Pong Balls(Here is the main difference between them which one is better?)

Ping-Pong Balls, have a diameter of 1.57” (40 mm) and a circumference of 4.94” (125.6 mm). The mass of a Ping-Pong Ball is .095 oz (2.7 g).


What is the Difference? (Orange Vs White Ping Pong Balls)

The color of the ping pong ball you use should depend on your skill level. If you’re a beginner, then go with orange balls, because they are easier to see and bounce off surfaces better. If you want to take it up a notch and have more control over your shots, then white balls will do the trick.

Different colors of ping pong balls have different properties that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, the color orange indicates light in an area so it’s best to choose this type when playing on stage or indoors where there is less illumination around you. However, if your location has dark lighting then white would better suit what’s needed because they aren’t as reflective which means their visibility isn’t limited by strong sunlight nor does glare from artificial sources such as street lights and neon signs trying to get through all those old windows we’ve got up here.

Ping pong balls are colored as either white or orange depending on the table surface and game style. White balls are official tournament balls and pair well with blue or green tables, while orange balls are used for casual games as they are easier to see in most settings

What is the difference between ping pong(Orange Vs White Balls):

Ping pong is a game that many people enjoy. Some may not know the difference between orange and white ping pongs balls, but there are some differences. White ping pong balls bounce higher than orange ones and also have a louder sound when they make contact with the table. The color of your ball can help you take control in certain situations!

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There are differences in materials, sizes, qualities, and brands. Let’s take a closer look at those differences.

Product 1
White Ping Pong Balls
Product 2
Orange Ping Pong Balls
White Ping Pong Balls
Orange Ping Pong Balls
‎10 x 7 x 3.3 inches
‎9.9 x 7 x 3.9 inches
‎0.11 Kilograms
‎0.11 Kilograms
40mm size
Don't Bounce
Don't Bounce

Are white or orange ping pong balls better?

When playing Ping Pong, you need two types of balls: a white ball and an orange ball. The white ping pong ball is used indoors while the orange one is for outdoor play as it can be seen more easily at night time against a dark background.

Ping Pong Game Detail


These are regular solid color balls and they come in all sorts of different shades from pure white to cream to yellow. If you’re not sure which one would work best, just visit your local sports store and pick up a few different ones then bring them home and try them out.

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There are a few reasons to use white balls, but here’s the most obvious one: you can see them better in low-light areas. That means that under players’ feet or when it is dusk and there isn’t much sun to provide illumination, a white ball will help you play. It would also be great for playing at any time of year if you don’t have a lot of outdoor lighting or live somewhere where it gets dark early. Indoors, however, leaves little room for needing this kind of aid.

White Ping Pong Ball


This section assumes only indoor play since only the orange balls are used outside (as mentioned above). Remember that while it can be helpful to see a ball better under low lights, having an orange ball indoors isn’t the best thing. Orange balls will bounce higher and faster than white ones, making it harder for opponents to return shots. However, this could be a negative if you’re trying to play at a level where you’re not very good yourself and need better control of your shot.

Ping Pong Balls quality

The main advantage of having orange ping pong balls instead of white ones is that they are easier to see when the sun is shining brightly through windows or glass doors (if you play inside). This makes them great for outdoor use but will make playing in the dark more difficult since their color stands out less against the surroundings (this would also happen with white balls outside because there would be too much contrast between the ball and surroundings).

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Which ping pong balls are the best?

It is easy to see how orange became so popular considering that orange was originally used as an accent color in clothing before it grew more common as orange began being used as more than just an accent color during Victorian times. Although orange has become a very trendy and trendy color today, there are some people who prefer using orange ping pong balls over the traditional white ones.

Which ping pong balls are the best?

For those individuals who enjoy using orange balls, orange ping pong balls are available in many different styles, including orange 40mm, orange 37mm, orange 40+ white 32.5mm, and orange 55mm.

The choice to use orange or white ping pong balls is largely based on personal preference, but it appears that the orange ones are slowly overtaking the market (at least in part due to their bright orange color). Although there may be some debate about which colors work best for table tennis balls, one thing is certain: choosing the right color table tennis balls will all come down to personal preference.

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What does 40+ ping pong ball mean?

Simple, orange ping-pong balls are typically used in a ping-pong ball gun.
If your orange ping-pong ball gun has a 40+ ping-pong ball capacity it should be able to shoot an orange ping-pong ball about 40 or more feet. Similarly, if you have a white or orange 10-inch balloon with the same type of air blowgun that has a capacity of up to 40+ balloons it should be able to shoot a white or orange 10-inch balloon about 40 feet.

What is a 1-star ping pong ball?

A 1-star orange ping pong ball is orange, round, usually has a plastic coating, and contains helium. A white ping pong ball is white, round, usually made from celluloid or another lightweight plastic material, and filled with air or nitrogen. They are used in table tennis games around the world.

What color is a white ping pong ball?

A white ping pong ball is white, round, usually made of celluloid or another lightweight plastic material, and filled with air or nitrogen. They are used in table tennis games around the world.

What color are 1-star ping pong balls?

A 1-star orange ping pong ball is orange, round, usually has a plastic coating, and contains helium. They are used in table tennis games around the world.

What is inside ping pong balls?

To create a ping pong ball, start by manufacturing sheets of celluloid. Sheets are then cut into round shapes and placed in a mold with dimples molded into the surface. After this, it is heated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit before being injected with hydrogen gas at high pressure. The ball cools while still pressurized, which makes it very hard and resilient to bouncing off of surfaces.
dimension of ping pong ball

If you want to make the balls clear instead of white, they are created in much the same way except for one step at the end. To make them clear, small amounts of various compounds are added during the pressurization stage so that light does not reflect off them properly.

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The final part of making a proper ping pong ball involves adding two black rings, which are 3 millimeters wide, to the surface of the ball. This is done by placing them on top of the mold and then pressing down around them with a metal ring that has spiked in it before injecting hydrogen gas. The pressurization method inflates the plastic enough to flatten out these rings and make sure they don’t come off during gameplay.


The color orange is more captivating than white. If you need help deciding if the orange or the white, contact our team of experts to learn about which one will work best for your marketing goals and budget.

The next time you’re in the market for a new set of ping pong balls, consider what color to purchase. Players who use orange balls have been found to be more successful than players using white or yellow balls because they are easier to see and track during play. Higher visibility can mean an increased chance of winning the game!

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