How Heavy is a Ping Pong Ball? – An Exhaustive Guide

How Heavy is a Ping Pong Ball? A ping pong ball is one of the lightest objects you can find in your house. It weighs about 0.07 pounds, which is about as heavy as two sheets of paper! How much does that matter to you? Probably not a whole lot because it’s so light that it has no effect on anything.

What size are they? Ping Pong balls can be found in many different sizes. The smallest one is 1 inch in diameter and the largest one is 3 inches in diameter. A standard ping pong ball weighs 2 grams, which means that it only weighs about .14 ounces! If you have not played with or seen a ping pong ball before, this blog post will give you all the information you need to get started playing.

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Ping Pong Ball is heavy or light


What is the weight of a ping pong ball?

Ping pong balls are made out of celluloid, which is derived from cotton and plant fibers. The material is formed into little spheres by machine and then dried with hot air before being put through an oven (Merriam-Webster). Due to celluloid’s natural brown coloring, most ping pongs are dyed white before final assembly.

Most standard-sized 2½ inch diameter ping pong balls are 2.7 grams each (PingPongDepot), but there are smaller ones which are only 1.8g, and bigger ones that are 3.5g or 4g instead (TMSR). There are also outdoor varieties that weigh the same as the standard size but have a different bounce height. Also, some ping pong ball brands claim to be heavier than other brands by using more material in their manufacturing process. This is why our article’s final answer may not match up with what you find when you buy your own set of ping pong.

Rules of ping pong sport

A ping pong ball can bounce from about one foot high to three feet high. That’s not very far, but it is the perfect height for kids’ games since children are often sitting or standing right next to a table when they’re playing. The ball weighs little enough that it will only bounce a few feet back to them when they hit it, making it perfect for quick pick-up games.

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Why does it matter How Heavy is a Ping Pong Ball?

In the 1980s, a man who was suspected of smuggling drugs into Japan as part of a major trafficking operation used several ping pong balls stuffed with cocaine to try to get past authorities at Narita Airport. The smugglers taped quarter-ounce packets of cocaine around the exterior of the ping pong balls and hoped that they would be able to just walk right through customs, a plan which did not work.

Choose the Best Ping Pong Balls

The ball is about 1 centimeter in diameter and weighs approximately 0.88 grams. That means that the ping pong ball has a volume of 0.01 cubic centimeters and a mass of .00888 kilograms if it were solid metal. If the ping pong ball was hollow, then it would have a mass of .00777 kilograms.

The amount of cocaine surrounding the ping pong ball was about a quarter of an ounce, which is 6.35 grams. That means that there are approximately 24 packets of cocaine on the ping pong ball.

How to find out the weight of a Ping Pong Ball.

How to find out the weight of a ping pong ball.

how to find weight of ping pong ball
  • Get a scale that measures grams, and place it on a flat surface. Ensure that there is enough room around the scale for you to put the ping pong ball onto it.
  • Pick up the ping pong ball using your thumb and forefinger, so that it is between your hand and the scale. Be sure to keep the ping pong ball in this position, while you turn on the scale.
  • Wait until the screen on the scale displays numbers higher than 0 g, then release your grip on the ping pong ball. If you’ve done these steps correctly, then it should display the weight of the ping pong ball on the screen.
  • Record this number down on a sheet of paper, then repeat this process with some other ping pong balls that are similar in size to your first one.
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The importance of knowing how heavy a Ping Pong Ball is?

As the weight of a ping pong ball is very light, so if you use it to play table tennis, then it will move very fast. Heavy balls tend to slow down the game and make playing it harder for players who are trying to keep up with the pace of the game. Therefore, it is important to know how heavy a ping pong ball is so that if you want to buy another one for your table tennis game, then you can easily find out which one matches the weight of the ball that you already have.

What are some other ways to find out the weight of a ping pong ball?

If you are unable to find out the weight of a ping pong ball, then you can always try weighing yourself on scales. If you weigh yourself before playing with your ping pong ball, then after playing it for some time, you can simply weigh yourself again and subtract the first weight from the second one.


If you’ve ever wondered, “how heavy is a ping pong ball?” we have the answer for you. Ping Pong balls weigh 2 ounces each and are made of celluloid which makes them both durable and bouncy. The history behind this fun game goes back to 1874 when British engineer James Gibb patented the table tennis invention using two paddles and an elastic ball that could be hit with one hand by either player. It has since become popular around the world, especially in China where it was first introduced at a trade show in 1921 as ‘ping-pang-ball’. Have any other questions about how much things weigh? Check out our blog post on weight conversions!

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