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If you’re looking for ping pong balls, then Walgreens is the place to go! You’ll find a wide variety of sizes and colors. They also sell many other items that are perfect for your game room, like pool cues and table tennis tables. And don’t forget about all the soft drinks available in their soda fountain! Whether you want to play on your own or with friends, this blog post has some ideas for how to have fun indoors during winter break.

check does walgreens sell ping pong balls

Walgreens sells ping pong balls.

Walgreen’s sells a variety of sizes and brands, and also carries other supplies for your game room! Walgreens sells ping pong balls! They sell other supplies for your game room as well.

It’s great to know that Walgreens sells ping pong balls. You can find a variety of sizes and colors (red, green, and white) and brands at the store. Walgreens also carries other items like pool cues, dartboards, and poker chips. You can have fun playing ping pong or table tennis at home with friends or on your own!

Ping pong ball etiquette for beginners:

don’t throw the balls against a wall, and if an older player is playing, be sure to ask your opponent for permission before you start a game.

Ping pong ball etiquette for beginners is to not throw the balls against a wall, and if an older player is playing, be sure to ask your opponent for permission before you start a game.

People looking for an inexpensive way to play the sport can join a local league. To find one, check with your community center or recreation department.

Ping pong is a fun and easy game to play even if you only have one table tennis paddle. Many people enjoy playing ping pong at home for exercise and as a way to bond with family and friends. If you would like to buy a ping pong table, be sure to check online for reviews and information on the costs of ping pong tables.

Ping pong ball storage 

Ping Pong Ball can be tricky because of the balls’ tiny size. The best way to store ping pong balls is in a container that has lids and multiple containers can be stacked on top of each other. Placing the ping pong balls on a shelf or in a closet with the lid covering one container is also an option. You can also use a plastic bag to store your ping pong balls, but be sure to check the ball for any holes so you don’t lose all of them.

How to clean a ping pong table

If there is a dirty film on the playing surface, you can slightly dampen a lint-free cloth or sponge with clear water and wipe the surface. If food or drink has been spilled it will be necessary to remove all traces of these substances from the playing surface before they dry.

To remove any sticky spots, use a clean towel dampened with a small amount of warm water and wipe the surface evenly. Do not allow large amounts of water to remain on the playing surface as this will damage it.

Tips and tricks for playing better ping-pong

Be sure to purchase your own table tennis racket and balls, as the rental rackets and balls may be too lightweight or of poor quality.

If you are not experienced with playing ping pong, start by learning how to serve first. Then work on simple strokes such as the forehand and backhand. The two-winged butterfly stroke is very difficult, so it’s best to learn the three basic strokes before attempting this one.

-Chris Hensley, Suburban Chicago

Luckily for me, there is a Walgreen store in my hometown of Schaumburg, IL! I rush over there right away and head straight for their sporting goods section. Sure enough they have a small rack of six 40mm balls (size 2) for about $1.69. Score!

-Morten, Illinois

While it is possible to purchase ping pong balls at Walgreens, they are generally only sold in large quantities of 6 or more, and often come with other items like paddles. There may be some Walgreens stores, or even entire regions of the country with laws forbidding the sale of tennis balls without any other purchase. It’s best to call ahead to your local store before making a trip.

The history of ping pong balls

ping-pongs originates as an ancient Chinese game, dating back to 3rd century BC during the Han Dynasty. The name “ping-pong” came about when the ball was hit back and forth at a London club in 1901.

Not long after, tables with nets were marketed to the public for use in the home. The various types of ping pong balls available today come in all shapes and sizes (and colors).

Walgreens has a nice selection of ping pong balls, which can be found in the “sporting goods” section. They also have a table tennis set with four paddles and one ping pong ball, however, it has to be purchased as part of a larger purchase.

Other stores such as Target and Sports Authority carry the same items in their sporting goods sections. However, they may not all sell the same brands or sets. For example, Sports Authority carries a set with four paddles and two ping pong balls, but it is the same brand as Walgreens.

A smaller store such as Kmart may not carry any table tennis equipment at all.


You may be wondering if Walgreens sells ping pong balls. If so, you’re in luck! Ping-pong is a game that’s played with two or four people on opposite sides of the table who use small rackets to hit solid plastic balls back and forth over the net. It was invented by British schoolboy Joel Pritchard in 1901 as an indoor version of tennis, which he had become bored playing at his family’s country club because it took too long to play. The name “ping-pong” comes from its sound when struck against another ball – “ping” for one type of stroke (a hard shot) and “pong” for the return stroke.

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