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Ping Pong is an incredibly common sport that basically anyone can play. In the simplest form, you hit a ball with a small paddle back and forth across a table until one player misses or makes an error. It’s casual enough that many people enjoy playing it simply for fun, but competitive enough to be played at a high level in tournaments all around the world.


What is Ping Pong?

Beyond this basic premise, there are a number of rules which make up the complete game of Ping Pong:

  • -Each player must make contact with the ball on each stroke (no offsides)
  • -The ball may only bounce once per shot (no double hits)
  • -If any additional conditions occur demanding judgment from either side, they must be agreed upon by both players
  • -All shots must be within the boundaries of the table and between the net and the end line (no abusing the edges)
 if a ping pong ball hits you whose point is it

What this means is that if a ball bounces more than once in a rally, it doesn’t count as good. But does hitting every ball perfectly only to watch them bounce twice ruin your game? And what about no spin shots? Doesn’t that violate rule number one by not allowing contact with the ball on every stroke? After all, if you hit a no-spin shot, isn’t it essentially bouncing twice since there are basically two balls being used instead of just one? What about offsides?

The Ball Must Bounce in Ping Pong

There are other rules to consider in ping pong, but this is probably the most important. Except there is no real rule against sending a ball across the table or through your opponent’s legs and making them run around like a headless chicken while you laugh at their misfortune.

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Technically, technically, none of these things violate any tennis rules because it doesn’t say anywhere that the ball has to bounce on both sides. If there were such a rule then maybe players would just put one hand behind their back and hit winners all day long because they’d know it wouldn’t count as good if they touched it with two hands (or even one) instead of two feet. This isn’t an official thing though; this is something that people tend to do when playing for fun or in a pickup game of tennis. In organized competitions, if the ball doesn’t touch the ground on either side at all, it’s considered a let and is replayed.

How to Play Ping Pong in the Olympics

You need to make sure you know all of the official rules in order to play in an official table tennis match in The Olympics.

Official Rules Of Table Tennis

The ball must fall on the other side (i.e. it can’t go into the net or off of the table).

If it bounces more than once, then that means it didn’t bounce at least once before going out and shouldn’t count as a point. If it doesn’t touch either side then that’s considered a let and is replayed. This rule applies for both players regardless of who served first or last etc. if they don’t hit it hard enough to go over their opponent’s end line within 3 tries, this counts as a point for the opponent. This rule applies to both players regardless of who served first or last etc. after 3 tries, if it still doesn’t go over the end line then the serve counts as good and is given back to the player that served (if it was their fault). This rule applies to both players regardless of who served first or last etc.

 rules of ping pong

The ball may bounce once in any side before going out but is generally frowned upon by “professional” standards.

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Interesting Facts about Ping Pong:

  • The inventor of the sport was British and its name is derived from the sound it makes when hitting a ball between players.
  • Ping pong balls were originally made out of Indian rubber but are now made out of celluloid.
  • It became an Olympic sports Olympics in 1988.
  • Professional players can serve up to 190 km/h (118 mph).
  • At professional levels, it’s not just about who has better strokes or serves, but also how well they read and react to their opponent’s playing style and shots.

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Playing Tips for Beginners in Ping Pong

*Even the beginner player will benefit from learning some basics about this game. There are some playing tips that can improve their chances of winning. For example, players should keep an eye on the ball at all times to anticipate its next move. This can be achieved by keeping eyes focused on the opponent’s racket which is why it is called contact sports.

Standing too close to the table or standing too far away may cause problems for novice players so they should try to stand approximately two feet back from the table. Pivoting around one foot while hitting serves and other shots will allow beginners to move faster fluidly if their backs are against a wall during play.

 Does The Ball Have To Bounce In Ping Pong? uk rules

Interesting Facts about the Olympics in Ping Pong

Ping Pong is an Olympic sport.

Table Tennis was introduced as a full medal event in the 1988 games in Seoul, Korea. It has been a part of every Olympics since then.

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The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has over 200 national members and 21 regional associations. The ITTF sanctions other international competitions including world championships for juniors, seniors, and wheelchair players.

Twenty-four nations currently have a place on the executive board that runs the organization from headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In 1992, at Barcelona’s 1992 Summer Olympics, South African Jean-Philippe Gatien became the first black African to win an Olympic gold medal in table tennis. In 2000 at Sydney’s Olympic Games he won silver.

In the 2004 Athens Olympics, China’s Wang Liqin won gold in both singles and teams. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Ding Ning from the People’s Republic of China has won the gold medal in Women’s Singles. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Japan’s Jun Mizutani is a winner of Men’s Singles. Singapore Feng Tianwei is a winner of Women’s Singles.

From Sept 4 to 17-09-2016 at Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics 2016, Japan Tsubasa Endo became a two-time Olympic champion in men’s table tennis beating Japanese compatriot Maharu Yoshimura 11-7, 11-9, 9-11, 16 -14 on 17 September 2016.

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