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Best Ping Pong Show Patong


What do You need To Know About Best Ping Pong Show Patong? Bangkok and Phuket:

The tourist magnet cities of Thailand draw in visitors from all over the world and with them, a wide variety of entertainment venues.

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Patong Beach on Phuket is no different – here tourists can find most entertainment choices one might expect at home. This includes both farang-oriented bars and nightlife as well as more traditional Thai activities such as shopping or Muay Thai boxing.

One type of entertainment that stands out though, is the best Ping Pong shows which are popular among ex-pats and local visitors alike. These shows may be found in many bars/pubs around town but they come mostly under fire due to their nature: nudity and prostitution ( red area on map).

Best Ping Pong Show Patong is gaining in popularity and therefore more ping pong show venues have been popping up. In particular at Patong beach, where many tourists from all over the world come to the party and also to watch a ping pong show.

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There is not one clear distinction between what a ping pong show actually is, because there are different variations that you will find in Thailand. At the moment it appears that the most popular form of entertainment for travelers who want to experience something ‘thai’ or ‘exotic’, is a so-called “Ping Pong Show.

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Ping Pong Show Thailand:

In Bangkok, Thailand there’s a somewhat hidden attraction called the Ping Pong Show. And while it might seem a little taboo at first glance, you’ll be surprised to learn this show isn’t about ping pong at all!

In fact, The Ping Pong Show has been performed in Bangkok for decades and is fairly similar to another well-known show that involves beautiful women.

The Ping Pong Show as far back as 1958 in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. Some theater venues continue to offer the show, while others have been replaced with other types of performances. The shows consist of bikini-clad girls dancing on stage and sometimes taking a ping pong ball in their mouth or between their toes.

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If the girl is unable to “hold” the ball, she will receive a slap from her partner standing behind her. In early 2017 there was a Ping Pong Showcase brought up by authorities after the death of a taxi driver from Chile who unknowingly had sex with one of the performers backstage before going into cardiac arrest immediately afterward.

What is a ping pong show?

Ping Pong shows are an interesting and surprisingly popular form of entertainment in Patong, Bangkok. If you thought that ping pongs were just played by children on their lunch break then think again! These particular TV programs have audiences ranging from teenagers all the way up to senior citizens who enjoy watching them together as part of weekly socializing routines.

Best Ping Pong Show

A ping pong show is a type of striptease where one or more women perform mock ping pong shows. During the act, bikini-clad performers use paddles to strike and propel rubber balls toward the audience. The ball may bounce off various parts of the stage area, including trapezoidal walls or horizontal bars that are set up for this purpose.

There were reports of variations on the concept in which performers would play ping pong with items other than balls, such as fruit (typically peeled bananas wrapped in condoms) and sausages (in some cases allegedly doubling as dildos). These acts included nut shots (a performer simulating anal sex while striking an audience member with a nut placed between their buttocks).

The girl was like an expert, and it’s clear that she loves what she does. She never missed a single balloon as they all popped right up in front of her visor! The crowd loved how dedicated this woman is to make sure every last one goes away – even if it’s with just some KY jelly at the end for good measure- because no matter where you go or who sees us doing these sorts of things; people are going say ‘HAHAHA look over there!’

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Thailand is a hedonistic sexually liberated paradise for the traveler, but nothing can prepare you for this. The neon lights are bright and shining like stars that fascinate with their life; there’s music blaring from speakers so loud it feels as if they could burst at any moment–but these shows go on until dawn.

You’ll be surrounded by people who all seem to know exactly what makes them happy: drinking expensive drinks bought outside or getting treated well enough in low-cost places where our money doesn’t count much anyway…I don’t think Marquise de Sade would blush if she saw us now!

The Foreign & Thai Girls that Perform

Even if ping pong shows or ping pong clubs are not extremely popular in Thailand anymore, there are still several ping pong shows taking place every night.

There are ping pong show venues spread out all around Bangkok, but basically, there are two types of shows:

The ping pong shows with ping pong tables where the girls perform tricks, and the ping pong sex shows, which means that the performers will use their genitals instead of balls (and sometimes even ping-pongs holders) to make the ball bounce on the table.

The Foreign & Thai Girls that Perform in ping pong show

The potential for human trafficking to occur in Vietnam is a serious concern, but the government chooses not to interfere with one of their most profitable industries.

A major issue that has been raised about this topic concerns coercion and possible Vietnamese or Laotian sex slaves being smuggled into countries like America as cheap labor where they can be exploited economically (Huffington Post).

Legal safeguards are now required on all boats coming from Laos throughout Southeast Asia because authorities intercepted three traffickers last year who attempted illegal immigration raids before making landings elsewhere around our country’s Pacific Coast- territory we share borders!!!

How much does it cost to get in?

As most people know, ping pong shows are a common form of entertainment in Thailand. The entire show is a performance and is usually accompanied by loud music and very high energy.

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Ping pong shows cost money to get in, though this is not immediately apparent when you arrive at the ping pong show venue. In essence, they charge you for your seat, but they also then lead you into buying several drinks while you’re there.

You’ll pay an entrance fee depending on where the ping pong show location is — they can vary from 100 baht ($3) all the way up to 200 baht ($6). The entrance fee will usually be included in the drink prices, but if it isn’t listed as an additional charge it is almost always included.

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Audience Participation

It’s not just a show, it is an interactive experience. It’s the most fun you will have at any event!

Be attentive and do everything we say to help us in our illusions and special effects. You will be amazed at how things work out! And don’t forget to take pictures with your friends !!! It’s also great to support people who are eager to try something new. A cross-breed of mentalism, hypnosis, illusion, and comedy that is based on telekinesis.

Here we go: Please pick up one card each (no force). Write down your favorite number (more than 10 please) on one of the cards you picked up, but keep it secret from everyone else including me for now!

When the show is over please keep your card with you, because I will ask for it back! The performance lasts about 1 hour.


Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for a night of adventure and entertainment, ping pong shows are the perfect place to go. The best ping pong shows Patong is not always easy to find as there are so many options available at any given time. But we’ve got your back! We have compiled some reviews from those who have been before and can recommend their favorite spot with confidence.

Whether it’s just one person or an entire group outing that needs planning, our blog post will be able to help out in no time flat! All you need to do is take a look over this list and decide which location sounds like the most fun option for your next evening spent on the town.”

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