Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok | Facts you Must Know

A little while back, I wrote a blog about the ping pong shows in Beijing and promised to write one on Bangkok. Thailand is known for its crazy nightlife and quality of women but it also has an interesting take on adult entertainment. Below is my experience at a place called Nana Entertainment Plaza in Sukhumvit Soi 4.

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Ping Pong shows in Bangkok I remember vividly arriving here for the first time. The best way to get here from the downtown Sukhumvit area where most tourists are located is by taking the BTS to Asok station which is just stepping away from Nana BTS where you can jump onto either Skytrain line after exiting the train station.

A ping pong show is a generic term for various forms of live entertainment where female performers (typically wearing bikinis) interact with male customers by throwing and catching balls, often with their breasts or buttocks. There are several variations on this type of act; they usually include some striptease element.

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The more common form today features attractive women bouncing Ping-Pong balls out of their bikini tops and catching them in the cups of their bottoms. Other acts substitute Ping-Pong balls for balloons, M&M’s, or other small objects that can be ‘thrown’ from offstage to the accompaniment of music.

What is a ping pong show?

Ping Pong is a fun-filled, fast-paced game that can be played in almost any location. In Bangkok, Thailand you’ll find the best Ping Pong show! The amphitheater has been built with safety in mind and seats up to 1200 people. You will have an amazing time watching these skilled players battle it out for ping pong supremacy. This blog post explores how this unique sport was created and why it’s so popular today.

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What are Ping-Pong Shows?

Some people might think that Ping-Pong shows are just an act of watching a man or woman play table tennis, but the truth is there is so much more to it than that. A Ping-Pong show can include dancing, playing music on the table with your fingers and toes, and other acrobatic tricks. Oftentimes these shows feature scantily clad men and women who will often use their bodies as part of the show.

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They may juggle ping pong balls with their feet while wearing only underwear for example! The purpose of this blog post is to educate you about what goes into a typical Ping-Pong Show in hopes that you’ll be able to enjoy them more now that you know how they work.

Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok

The Real 1 Picture of Ping-Pong Shows?

You might think that ping-pong shows are just a show where women walk around and throw paddles. But the truth is, you would be wrong. Ping-pong shows can involve stripping or sometimes even more explicit activities. If you want to know what ping pong shows actually entail, read on!

What’s your first impression of a ping pong show?

Do you imagine it as just girls walking around with paddles? Well, guess again! A ping pong show could entail stripping or some other sort of sexually explicit activity such as lap dances for example. Whether they’re fully nude or not, these performances are an interesting way to spend your evening if you’re looking for something different than the norm.

A ping pong show is a form of entertainment in which women are paid to perform various acts with or on men. The performers often striptease, then proceed to play with the man’s genitals by hitting them with rackets, kicking them, and other methods.

While there’s not much information regarding how ping pong shows began, one of the most common theories is that it all started when Japanese tourists visited Thailand in the 1960s. After staying at their hotel rooms (for some reason), they discovered that bargirls would visit their rooms late at night and do things like bring food for the men while wearing very little clothing.

Entry Price To A Strip Club:

Strip Club Entry Fee

Are you looking for a new night out that is different from the usual bar scene? What about something with an entry price of $10 or less where you can have fun, play games, and enjoy great food? Strip clubs are now offering ping-pong shows. Yes, it’s true! You can now see some eye candy while playing ping-pong at these venues.

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A few weeks ago I went to Club 34 in Queens and played table tennis against one of their girls on stage. It was pretty awesome! My favorite part was when she accidentally hit me in the face with her paddle ball rackets during the game.

Gentlemen, if you are looking for a new way to spend your entertainment time and have some extra money in your pocket… here are the prices of strip clubs around the world. I am sure you will find this information very interesting. For all the women, go ahead and share this with someone who is curious about how much it costs gentlemen to get entertained at any of these places.

For those ladies (or men) that would like to give their input on whether or not they felt like they were treated appropriately for what they spent or if they feel too expensive, please leave a comment below.

Cuba: $0-$3 USD entry fee, $1 beers; dancers range from $1-$5 for lap dance.

Chicago, USA: $40 entry fee; $7 domestic beers; $17 import beers; $6 sodas/waters. Lap dances cost from $20-50. VIP area minimum buy-in is generally between $120 and $250. champagne room costs around 120$ per half hour

London, UK: Entry charge of £10 to £30 ($15-$55), which usually includes a drink. Drinks are typical £5 ($8). Private table dances cost around £20-£30 ($30-$45) a song – five songs will set you back about £100–($165). Dancers usually expect a tip of about £3 to5 ($4-$8) for a dance.

What Happens at a Ping-Pong Show?

Over the last few years, ping-pong shows in Bangkok have grown in popularity and notoriety. If you’re not familiar with it, a ping-pong show involves a woman (or man) performing various acts of self-pleasure on stage while customers walk by and choose for a fee whether to participate or simply watch from afar. This choice is made by placing a numbered yellow ball into a basket set up next to the performer.

What To Expect From The Surroundings

What To Expect From The Surroundings?

Situated in the Heart of Bangkok, the Atmosphere Ping-Pong Show is one of Thailand’s most famous and unique attractions.

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The multi-award-winning show takes place on a stage set inside a soundproof glass cube big enough for around 100 people to stand and watch comfortably.

Each performance lasts about 45 minutes and costs 200 Baht per person (about $7) but it comes highly recommended by anyone who has taken time to visit.

With its amazing acoustics, this allows great viewing even if you don’t speak Thai. However, there are English subtitles on the screen above the performers so while they sing along with some very catchy tunes you can follow what’s going on while also understanding what they’re about!

You’ll see many people in the audience actually singing along to the songs!

It isn’t just a show about Ping-Pong either, you’ll be surprised at how many different skills are showcased here. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself being asked to join in …

They often have short performances throughout the night where they will sing and perform magic tricks for everyone. These last only a few minutes so even if you arrive late or leave early it’s worth spending some time after your main performance is over to enjoy these.

Where Should You Go To Watch a Ping-Pong Show in Bangkok?

If you are wanting to see a ping pong show where the girls are actually happy then I would go here - Review of Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, Thailand - Tripadvisor

Ping-pong shows are an interesting spectacle, but they also carry negative connotations in Thailand. Some bars offer them with the aim of getting more customers in the door so they can sell them drinks, which can lead to trouble when patrons get rowdy after having too many beers.

Women who visit ping-pong shows alone may be assumed by bar staff or other patrons to be sex workers. Employees at venues that offer additional services beyond female employees dancing on stage in bikinis may feel pressured into accepting those services, even if they don’t want them.

Drinks at venues with ping-pong shows tend to be on the more expensive side thanks to renting costs for prime real estate in busy areas of town. The long-running “Crazy House” is one of two bars around Ratchadaphisek Road known for their ping pong shows and it’s usually packed on weekends with a younger crowd, many of whom have rented private karaoke rooms.

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