Where to Play Ping Pong?

Ah yes, ping pong, the yardstick of all sports! Well, not really but it’s definitely a very fun way to exercise your mind and body at the same time! Everyone knows that ping pong helps people develop their hand-eye coordination.


Where to Find a Ping Pong Table Near You?

As long as you have a flat surface that is large enough to put a ping pong table top on, you can have one!

Ping pong tables come in all shapes and sizes from the classic rectangle tables to the more modern circular tables.

If space isn’t an issue for you or if you want to get started playing as soon as possible, then any table will do – but if you would like a more dedicated table it’s best to invest in a full-size professional model.

You can find them at your local department store or sporting goods retailer, but the best way is usually going right to the manufacturers’ website and looking there.

Where to Play Ping Pong?

Ping Pong 101?

If you are wondering how it does this, well continue reading because I’m going to tell you exactly how. Alright so first off ping pong is played between two people (or more if there are teams playing against each other). This means that both players need to be actively engaged with the game in order to win.

This helps both halves of the brain become very active; the left side of your brain helps process information and gives you logical thoughts while the right side of your brain helps produce creative ideas and keeps track of non-verbal cues like body language etc… so engaging in a sport like a ping pong really activates both sides of our brains making them stronger.

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How to Play Ping Pong?

Once you have your table, it’s time to get started!

First things first, make sure that your table is squared up – check both ends and the sides of the table for any damage like dents or warping that would affect how well it plays. If you find anything, then try to move the affected area away from the center of the table; this will help make sure shots are landing where they should be.

How to Level Play Surface Ping Pong

Now that you’ve got a level playing surface, set out paddles and balls at each end (if you can’t reach one end easily enough there are jumbo paddles available for $20+).

While many people use actual ping pong balls for this sport, a rounder “soft” alternative is also acceptable.

Next up you need to understand how the scoring works – for this game each point starts with a serve from one player. This person then continues to play the point until they lose it or win it. Whoever wins that point serves next and then keeps on going in that direction until they lose or win enough points to pull away from their opponent.

Once you’ve got all the basics down we can move on learning some strategies that will help improve your game and give

The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Ping pong?

Do NOT be content with what you already know

Don’t try to take down your opponent using brute force alone. You might totally thrash them the first couple of times but they will soon catch on to what you’re doing and figure out a way to stop it. Make sure to keep mixing up your play so that they never know what kind of shot is coming next which keeps them constantly guessing. Keep thinking outside of the box for new ways to make your shots unpredictable too!

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