Ping Pong Ball vs Golf Ball | Size, Material, Weight

What is the difference between a Golf ball and a Ping Pong ball?

Ping pong ball vs golf ball: ping pong balls are smaller in diameter than golf balls. ping pong balls have a small hole at the center, while golf balls do not. ping pong balls are used for playing ping pong, while golf balls are used for playing golf (or mini-golf).

Ping Pong Ball
Golf Ball
Size (diameter)
1.57 inches
1.68 inches
Celluloid Plastic
Rubber and Urethane
2.7 Grams
45.9 Grams

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Whats difference btween ping pong ball vs golf ball

Ping Pong Balls:

A ping pong ball is a small, hollow sphere used to play ping pong. Ping pong balls are typically made of plastic, roughly 35mm (1.4in) in diameter and weighing about 2g (0.07oz). The balls are white or orange but can be any color under the sun, including glow-in-the-dark balls for nighttime play.

Ping pong rules call for two or four players per side who take turns trying to hit a ping pong ball back and forth into the opponents’ half of the court and preventing them from doing likewise on their end. Modern games use 40mm (1.6in), 1g (~3/8 oz) balls that have been altered to give greater rebound and a truer bounce than balls of the past.

Golf Balls:

The golf ball is a small hard ball usually made of plastic but sometimes covered by an outer layer of woven fabric. The golf ball has traditionally been made in the United States, although golf balls are now being mass-produced in other countries, such as China and Taiwan.

In golf, the golf ball’s ultimate objective is to get it into the hole within the shortest amount of strokes. Balls have been designed specifically for certain types of courses so that they have different characteristics (such as distance). Golf balls have also changed quite significantly over time; most obviously in appearance, but also often affected by changes to their weight and material composition.

The golf ball’s history has not been well documented, and the origins of golf balls, in general, are rather clouded. Most likely golf balls began as soft objects thrown by hand or possibly even struck with a stick. The earliest golf balls were spherical, made from leather stuffed with feathers or hair, such as those used for tennis or table tennis balls.

Some early golf ball covers were made of fish skin coated with lacquer. Around 1848, golfers developed the rubber cored ball that is more similar to the modern ones used today; like them, it was covered in wool and stuffed with feathers, but golfers would also include a small piece of pig bladder inside (which was then pumped full of air), giving them more distance

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