Best Wood For Ping Pong Table?

Spruce, Pine Wood, and Plywood are ideal for making the ping pong table. Maple is one of the hardest woods available and has been proven to be an excellent choice for those who want a quality table that will last a long time.

Ping pong, or table tennis as it is known in some parts of the world, is a game that can be played between two people. The object of the game is to hit the ball with your paddle so that it hits the other player’s side and bounces off. Once this has happened, you bounce off the ground and then hit it again (the ball). If you cannot put enough spin on it or use proper technique to return it properly then you lose a point.Best Wood For Ping Pong Table

There are three different types of tables

  • Wooden Tables
  • Table Tennis Tables
  • Prefabricated Tables.

Each type offers something different than the other types can provide.

Wooden Tables

Wooden tables are ideal for those looking to save money or just love the game enough to want a wooden ping pong table in their house.

Table Tennis Tables

Table tennis tables are ideal for those who play competitively because these types of tables are actual regulation size (up to 2mm larger or smaller).

Prefabricated Tables

Prefabricated tables are generally made with synthetic material like MDF (medium density fiberboard) which is considered one of the best materials to use when building your own table.

Now that you know what type of table is best suited for you it’s time to decide exactly what kind of wood should be used in its construction. One of the most common and traditional materials used for this type of task is North American maple. Maple is one of the hardest woods available and has been proven to be an excellent choice for those who want a quality table that will last a long time.

Wood Qualities Of Ping Pong Tables

The first thing you should know about wood is which direction should face up or down. This way, if your surface gets dinged during play, you can flip it over to ensure even wear on the top. It should also be noted that hardwood tables tend to have a glossy or shiny finish as opposed to softwoods that are more textured, almost grainy in appearance under certain light conditions. In general, many players prefer the gloss because it provides a better feel for their shots as well as a bit more speed to the bounce. In addition, it is important that you consider the kind of top surface material available for your table so that you can decide what level of spin and speed you want from your shots.

The best hardwood ping pong tables have a solid wood core with veneers on both sides. The hollowed-out core allows for a thicker but lighter table, which incorporates more stability and offers a better ball bounce. This design also enhances sound reduction from those powerful smashes at tight angles since there will be less resonance or echoing in the table itself as opposed to those made from particle boards. In any case, this type of construction has been proven as an extremely effective formula that works for all types of players.

Another great thing about these tables is that they do not warp or show signs of warping over time, which makes it perfect for the serious ping pong enthusiast who may want to play in tournaments and wants their equipment in good shape all the time. Best of all, there are even options for quality tables made from wood and finished with veneers without sacrificing affordability too much.

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